Day One - Wednesday, 28 February

Registration and welcome coffee
Opening remarks from the Chair

Bronwyn Voyce
Civic Futures Lab

Shaping Australia’s future circularity
Fuelling job creation, economic growth, investment & new opportunities through circular economy transformations
  • Pioneering transformative strategies to enable regional communities to foster sustainable and thriving ecosystems
  • Fuelling job creation and economic growth in regional sectors with advanced recycling infrastructure, cultivating local markets for recycled products, and utilising innovative circular economy technologies
  • Maximising opportunities for local investment, behavioural changes and education initiatives by connecting with diverse views from organisations, including local councils, businesses, social enterprises, and industry groups

Paul Murfitt
Director of Regions and Community Action
Sustainability Victoria

Investing in circularity: funding, capital allocation, and sourcing

Jillian Reid
Partner - Sustainable Investment

Unlocking circularity with state & local governance
Pre-recorded video presentation: Strengthening inter-governmental coordination to advance the circular economy
  • Understanding the root causes hindering effective coordination across local, state, and federal levels in the circular economy space
  • Highlighting real-world case studies where governments have effectively collaborated, resulting in significant advancements towards circularity
  • Designing frameworks for ongoing collaboration and learning actionable strategies to establish, maintain, and enhance inter-governmental partnerships for long-term circular economy solutions

George Osborne
Manager - Economic Development
Hume City Council

Morning Tea and Networking
Accelerating the global transition to a circular economy

Bronwyn Voyce, found of, Civic Futures Lan joins the Circular Economy Summit to discuss the integration of sustainable practices across industries and the role of technology in facilitating this shift.

Bronwyn Voyce
Civic Futures Lab

Circularity in action
Circular design strategies to optimise resource use, achieve cost efficiencies, and progress towards net-zero goals
  • Developing circular economy solutions for sustainability in construction
  • Underscoring the need for adopting circular economy principles in the construction sector to meet the rising demand for sustainability
  • Implementing strategies to design out waste and ensure visibility over material flows while optimising the recycling and repurposing of construction and demolition waste
  • Engaging early in circular design strategies to significantly reduce your environmental footprint

Andre Gobett
General Manager - Recycling

Lunch and networking
Innovative strategies to reduce & transform waste
Embedding circular economy practices within operations to create a sustainable and waste-reduced future
  • Examining how Manningham Council has successfully embedded circular economy practices within its operational and community activities
  • Moving past a strategic framework to hands-on, community-driven initiatives
  • Developing innovative waste management practices to empower local enterprises and educate community members

Rachelle Quattrocchi
Director – City Services
Manningham Council

Maximising lifespan of products: circular procurement strategies

Beverley Honig
Executive Chairman
Greenville Developments

Partner presentation

The Lithium industry and circular economy – unlocking the potential for Australia’s construction market.

Mauricio Olivares
General Manager Technical and Deputy Project Director
Covalent Lithium

Afternoon tea and Networking
Interactive Focused Roundtable Discussions

Interactive and focused roundtable discussions allow attendees to divide into groups and discuss specialised ideas, gain practical tips, and work through challenges faced by other leaders from across the public and private sectors.

You'll be able to attend all three roundtables listed below with each running concurrently over three time slots:

• 1st round:  15:00 – 15:30
• 2nd round: 15:30 – 16:00
• 3rd round:  16:00 – 16:30

Topics include:

1) Circular business models – building a roadmap for C-suite executives
Discuss how traditional businesses can pivot to circular models without compromising profitability.
Marty Rowell
Vice President
Circular Economy Victoria

2) Customer engagement: educating and selling the circular model
Examine how you can educate both B2B and B2C customers on the importance and benefits of a circular economy.
Ryan Collins
Head of Circular Economy Programs
Planet Ark

3) Measuring your impact: KPIs and metrics for circular success
Discuss what metrics are essential for evaluating the success of circular initiatives and how these can be integrated into existing performance frameworks.
Dr Nicole Garofano
Head of Circular Economy Development
Planet Ark

Closing remarks from the Chair
Networking drinks